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Every SA household with a TV forced to pay R700 for set top box or face losing tv signal
Posted by on Apr 16th, 2012

Ok so apparently every household in South Africa with a television will have to fork out R700 for a new set top box or lose their free tv signal. As i understand it this will mean that if you don’t buy the set top box which converts the signal from analog to digital you will be cut off from getting the standard SABC channels and eTV.

So only folks that watch SABC will lose their signal if they don’t buy that box? So no more 10 year old movies and reruns of the A-Team or MacGyver.

I read the article on City Press and it’s unclear and somewhat confusing since it implies that every house with a tv in SA will have to pay R700 for the set top box. From the comment section though it’s clear that if you have DStv and an a new television then you most likely be ready to recieve the digital signal when it eventually switches over from analog to digital. This digital migration was supposed to occur two years ago, but government bullsh*t has forced the process to be delayed several times. The lastest deadline was scheduled for April 2012, but that has been moved once again to September.

The poorest of the poor will have a portion of the cost subsidised, but no word yet on how much.

“Communications Minister Dina Pule has announced in government run print ads that South Africans will have to fork out around R700 to buy a STB and a new antenna.

People who don’t pay for the STB “in the region of R700″ will eventually lose their TV signal at the end of a process of “dual illumination”, when the terrestrial signals are switched off. “ [Channel24]

The rest of the article mentions the looming digital disaster and that ‘the parastatal signal distributor Sentech, which is behind with its rolling out of a digital signal network, told government that it’s underfunded and will need billions more to complete DTT. ‘

Can someone please explain this f**kery?

Nigel says:
April 04, 2012 at 9:02 am

So, does this mean, if we disconnected, we don’t have to pay that stupid TV licence thing?

Jagter says:
April 04, 2012 at 9:02 am

Maybe this will be the end of the SABC.

Those that can afford the set top box probably have dstv already and won’t buy it. And those that actually watch SABC probably can’t afford it the box. They are going to be broadcasting to no one.

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