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Model strips for ‘Likes’ in controversial Facebook campaign [pic]
Posted by on Apr 12th, 2012

The more people who ‘like’ the page, the more clothes she will remove. Advertisers for Stussy Amsterdam have taken Facebook viral marketing to the next level by featuring a model who will strip for ‘likes’.

The campaign has been called offensive for objectifying women by turning them into strippers. It’s also been called misleading (raise your hand) because Facebook’s no-nudity policy clearly won’t allow her to end up completely naked.

Rather clever’s already gotten the exposure and if you think about it’s a rather novel way of showing off the entire range of clothing. You start the model off wearing several items and then remove them as folks click the ‘like’ button and as a bonus you get return viewers who want to see how naked she will get.  At the very least it’s better way of displaying your range than just having the items in a product catalogue that nobody really looks at.

The campaign is also coming under fire for abusing the Facebook promotional guidelines.

“The problem with the campaign, however, besides the glaringly objectifying angle that it’s taken, is that it could be in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service.

Facebook’s promotional guidelines read, “You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.”

While this guideline does refer to a “promotion (such as competition or sweepstake)”, the wording is vague enough that, if Facebook wanted to shut this campaign down, it looks like it would be perfectly within its right.” [NextWeb]

Marketing and advertising folks are constantly trying to find the next big viral idea, but i wonder if this one is gonna backfire.

I doubt it, but i’m sure the feminist brigade is gonna have their customary fanny wobble and say that Stussy is disrepecting women. Imagine Woolies did that.

What do you think?

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