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Graphic video of teenager being shocked 31 times at educational center [video]
Posted by on Apr 12th, 2012

I was gonna say ‘shocking video’ in the title of this post, but that woulda just been offside hey.

8 years ago a US judge banned a controversial video from being shown to the public, but on Tuesday Fox news obtained and aired graphic footage of an 18yr old being restrained and shocked 31 times at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts…a facility for special needs students.

The center is surrounded by controversy and has been heavily critised for it’s treatment methods which include witholding of food and electric shock treatment. Yes..places like this exist in America.

Warning: some of the footage may disturb sensitive viewers.

Rather disturbing that.

“Video of a student restrained and shocked for hours at the Judge Rotenberg Center was played in court on Tuesday after a years-long battle by the center to keep it from the public eye.

The video, which shows former resident Andre McCollins screaming, writhing in pain, and begging for help, was played at the start of McCollins’ trial against the Canton-based Judge Rotenberg Center.” [more at FOX Undercover]

Am i just being naive or are places like that common in the US? Do they exist in South Africa?


Joe Hero says:
April 04, 2012 at 9:45 am

Research MK Ultra. These type of places are where it starts…

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