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New male birth control shot lasts 10 years and is 100% effective…available soon
Posted by on Apr 6th, 2012

Ladies…soon you may not have to be the only ones to worry about contraception when you’re having sexy time with that dodgy dude you met in bar because a new 100% effective birth control for men will soon be available that will last 10 years and is completely reversable at any stage. It works by breaking apart sperm.

Vasalgel has been in research for the past 25 years and is currently in advanced human clinical trials in India. It is scheduled to hit the US market in the next few years.Unlike a vasectomy, the new procedure can be completed in under 15 minutes and can be reversed at any stage. It will last 10 years and is 100% effective. 

Only one problem chaps (this is the part where you grab your ballbag and put earmuffs on your wanger)… ‘it requires the man receive an injection into the vas deferens with a polymer gel called Vasalgel, after a local anesthetic has been given.’

Ya..a tad extreme, but you’ll be baby making free and still be able to…uhhhm free your man juice just like you do now. Watch those eyes ladies.

How it works:

“A doctor applies some local anesthetic, makes a small pinhole in the base of the scrotum, reaches in with a pair of very thin forceps, and pulls out the small white vas deferens tube. Then, the doctor injects the polymer gel (called Vasalgel here in the US), pushes the vas deferens back inside, repeats the process for the other vas deferens, puts a Band-Aid over the small hole, and the man is on his way. “

“the polymer lines the wall of the vas deferens and allows sperm to flow freely down the middle (this prevents any pressure buildup),  and because of the polymer’s pattern of negative/positive polarization, the sperm are torn apart through the polyelectrolytic effect.” [Techcitement]

Ladies…quick question? If some dude says he’s had the procedure are you gonna believe him?

Thought not.

Great for a couple not wanting to have more surprise kids though.

johan says:
April 04, 2012 at 11:12 am

When would it be available in South Africa?

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