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Footage of Lauryn Hill performing at the CT Jazz Festival 2012..was she really that bad? [video]
Posted by on Apr 5th, 2012

A lot has been said about Lauryn Hill’s performance at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2012 recently with reports of fans being so disappointed that many walked out during her set.

Well i found some amateur footage for you from her performance and you can judge for yourself.

Not sure if that’s just the kak quality of the recording or if that’s what she actually sounded like on stage. If it’s the latter then i don’t blame folks for walking out.

Were you there? Is that what it sounded like?

There were definitely sound issues and Cape Town Jazz Festival officials blamed Hill and her sound technicians after nearly half the fans walked out. Several media reports highlighted the fact that many  were disappointed with the poor sound quality and the general feeling i got from the press was that her performance was a flop.

But i wasn’t there so can’t tell you for sure.

Pic from the Bossip website which didn’t hold anything back saying her performance flat out bombed.

“Dressed in a flowing purple and auburn silk skirt, brown turtle neck, black leather jacket and too many accessories too count, Hill belted out tracks that seemed less than familiar with the crowd – or perhaps, the crowd simply wasn’t feeling the revamped musical arrangements.

Hill continued her set with multiple interruptions, alleging that sound problems prevented the crowd from “hearing her.” At one point, Hill even left the stage to speak to someone backstage.

By the end of her 3rd track, disgruntled audience members began streaming out of the packed venue and headed to the other headlining acts on the 4 remaining stages. Die-hard fans left the concert and took to social media to express their disappointment.” [Bossip]

Was that how it went down?

Lemme know though if you were there and if the video is a true reflection of her performance.

moretothestory says:
April 04, 2012 at 10:18 am

Equipment Failure:

Cape Town – Technical challenges were the cause of the sound issues experienced during the first half of Lauryn Hill’s performance at this year’s Cape Town International Jazz Festival which took place on 30 and 31 March.

The organisers, espAfrika, said it was unfortunate that some people left the building before the show ended.

“We are upset that Hills’ performance was troubled by technical issues and that the audience only got to experience her sensational talent half way through her set,” CEO Rashid Lombard said.

Equipment malfunction

According to a statement released by espAfrika, the technical issues were the result of an equipment malfunction that resulted in Hill’s sound check settings being deleted.

As soon as this was realised Hill’s technical team worked rapidly to correct the problem.

“Modern sound equipment is unfortunately not immune to accident and misfortune. The equipment provided by espAfrika met all the technical specifications requested by Hill’s technical team, however, an unfortunate equipment error resulted in the first half of her set being overshadowed by poor sound.

“The sound did however improve and the audience eventually got to experience a superb show,” said Lombard.

– Channel24

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