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The brilliant Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 campaign is next level advertising [video]
Posted by on Apr 4th, 2012

Last year Magnum upped the stakes in advertising and pretty much set the bench mark when it comes to online interactive marketing with their Magnum Pleasure Hunt campaign HERE.

Well they have taken things to the next level with Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2.

Seriously..this is brilliant. Takes a while to load, but when it does you will show everyone in your office and email it and trend it and what not. Its a full on flash video game that puts you in control of a rather attractive little lady and they made her run through a 3D environment this time.

She runs, somersaults and jumps past famous brands including luxury Italian jeweler Bvlgari, surf manufacturer Quiksilver, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and the exclusive Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro.  Each and every backdrop featured within the interactive feature was built to perfection from a staggering 6,500 photographs and 3D recreation.


Just click the image to play.

How awesome is that hey. What was your score?

Well played Magnum…well played. Your advertising and marketing team is winning.

lolcano says:
April 04, 2012 at 9:06 am

She should get bigger as the game progresses

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