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Best of Cape Town 2012: Best Sushi [list]
Posted by on Apr 4th, 2012

Ok so last week i decided to put in motion a crowd sourced list of the best Cape Town has to offer in 2012 and started off rather easy by asking folks on Twitter and Life is Savage where they thought the best sushi in Cape Town could be found. If you saw my original post on what i’m trying to achieve HERE then you will have read that i didn’t want it to be a experts opinion, but rather a list comprised of insider knowledge…a reference list as it were, chosen by locals with a little help from two of SA’s top go-to people  @concierge_ryan and @Jodenecoza .

Clearly the best sushi place is a hotly debated topic since so many responses were recieved and they ranged from the well known to several that i never knew even existed. Which is exactly what i’m trying to achieve. I want to give people options. I want them to know what we think the best place is, but also want to give them the freedom of choosing a different venue. One that is less popular (for you sneaky bastards who don’t wanna seen in public with your side piece) or closer to where you will be that evening.

Lots of folks asked how i’m gonna seperate places that are popular just because of value for money or all you can eat etc, but im not gonna do that. That’s what restaurant review sites are for. All i’m doing is making a list of all the places based purely on the number of mentions i recieved from across social media platforms and the comment section. As simple as that. Use it don’t use, but more often than not the people’s choice is the way to go.

Overall the poll for best sushi in Cape Town recieved 23 restaurant suggestions and a total of 68 mentions.  And without further faffing around here’s the best as chosen by you.

Best Sushi in Cape Town 2012.

  1. Willoughby & Co : shop 6132, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 021 418 6115
  2. Genki Sushi : De Wet Centre, cnr of Bird and Church Streets, Stellenbosch, 021 887 5699
  3. Takumi Sushi: 3 Park Road  Cape Town  021 424 8879
  4. Kyoto Garden Sushi: 11 Kloof Nek Road  Cape Town 021 422 2001
  5. Sake House Sushi : 17 Old Stanhope Road, Claremont, Cape Town 021  674 7600

To see the full top 10 click HERE.

You’ll be redirected to the Best of Cape Town 2012 page on Life is Savage that will contain all future lists.

Well done to Willougby & Co at the Waterfront which was the overwhelming favourite. Lots of debate on whether you really wanna eat in a shopping mall though. Surprised by the spot in second place, Genki in Stellenbosch, which i honestly had never heard of before. New venue Takumi came very well recommended especially their signature meal which many people regarded as the best in the city. The Zen Nazi sushi chef there also got mentioned quite a few times.

As for the rest it was very interesting to note the Sevruga/Beluga got mentioned a few times in terms of value for money on their lunch time platter, but only just managed to scrape in to tie for 10th place.

As far as places that didnt make the top 10 the most notable mention was unbelievably several Spar supermarkets. Apparently their sushi is pretty good. Who would thunk it hey. Some other restaurants that didn’t make the top 10, but should be mentioned for the sake of variety are Mainland China, Nobu, Codfather,Soo She, Blowfish, Trologos, Maz and Balducci’s.

So now you know.

Lemme know what you think of the list. Your opinion is after all what this whole thing is about.

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