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The petrol price is going up 71 cents at midnight tonight…here’s your new avatar pic for today [pic]
Posted by on Apr 3rd, 2012

So at midnight tonight (April 4th)  the petrol price in South Africa will go up 71 cents in Gauteng and 66 cents along the coast.

In case you hadn’t noticed we are getting screwed so i made an appropriate pic for you to use as your social media avatar image today.

Ya..feel free to make that your pic in protest this f**kery of the utterly ridiculous price increases.

And on that note please have a look at this comment left on the iol website by a user called TheSauceZA

“This is all crazy now….absolute bunch of crap if you ask me. go google the following “price of gas USA”. They are paying between $3.52 and $4.20 per Gallon of fuel. At R7.62 / dollar that is = between R26.82 and R32.00 per Gallon for regular fuel. A US Gallon = 3.785 litres… that means that the US is paying between
R7.09 and R8.45 per litre…. we will be paying R11.59 (93 Octane) which is between R4.50 to R3.14 more per liter (or 63.5% to 37.2% more !!!!) ….. that now is crazy !!
we are being screwed.

Now let’s compare to other local countries (just google as well…I’d put up the links put then the post is blocked)

Zimbabwe – currently between $1.45 to $1.50 (higher octane) per litre .making that R11.05 to R11.43 …compared to our 11.59 ->11.94…. ZImbabwe is more than 50c cheaper per litre
Nigeria- Petrol sells there for around 65N to 75N per litre. R1= 20.47N… making that about R3.17 to R3.66  per litre??? no comparison to SA. We are paying 3.5x more in SA !!!
Botswana is selling at P7.70 per litre. 1Rand = 0.95P…..making the price per litre in Botswana around R8.11 per litre….. meaning we are paying nearly (at best) R3.48 more per liter for 93 octane …. or 42.9% more !!!!!!! 

We are being ripped off royally !!!! And on top of this government controlled rip-off…we will soon be expected to pay for toll roads???????
We are being taken to the cleaners…..” [iol]

Not sure if that all checks out, but if it does then i call bullsh*t on this latest petrol price hike.

Simon says:
April 04, 2012 at 8:10 am

Ya it is ridiculous. But him comparing us to the US and Nigeria is absurd. Both countries produce their own oil. Fuel is obviosuly cheaper there cos they don’t have to import as much, or in the case of Nigeria, ANY oil. They are a net exporter of oil.

If you want to know where that R11+ goes, take a look here:

Francois says:
April 04, 2012 at 8:10 am

Sasol also produces it’s own petrol. Not relying on Brent Oil prices yet their prices are to rise at the same rate as the rest. Comming back to Canada: if you take into consideration that minimum wage here is just over 10 dollar an hour. That gives you at some locations 10 liters of unleaded. How much petrol do you get for that in RSA. Minimum wage is what? R80 per day R10 per hour. So one hours work does not even buy 1liter of petrol. So taking living cost in consideration RSA’s petrol is more than ten times more expensive!!!

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