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Awesome new billboard spotted in Cape Town…it’s actually growing a beard [pic]
Posted by on Apr 3rd, 2012

If you happen to pass Church and Buitensingel Street in Cape Town keep an eye out for the 6 meter high Bronx Men’s Shoes billboard. Over the next month the dude in the billboard will actually grow a beard. I mean literally grow a beard. The billboard  infrastructure was built with ropes, digital servo motors and Facebook integration so that when someone ‘likes’ the Facebook page it will keep growing.

The world’s first interactive growing billboard?

Awesome idea from Bronx Men’s Shoes and the creative marketing folks at Bletchley Park.

‘The Man Enough’ billboard is hoping to involve as many folks as possible and it will be interesting to see how much growth is gonna happen.

Wayne Stanford, Brand Manager of Bronx Men’s Shoes explains it like so: “By pioneering this interactive billboard we want to connect with our customers in an unexpected way and introduce them to our rugged range of shoes. By asking them to engage with our Facebook page we’re giving them complete control of the billboard’s beard growth. We’re hoping that our customers appreciate the humour,”

Yes we do Wayne, yes we do.

Get involved…go visit the Facebook page HERE and click the ‘like’ button.  If that oke grows a beard like Josh Strauss then you can totally say you made a contribution.

Very clever. Will keep you updated as to how the beard grows.

Tracy says:
April 04, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Clever idea, but kinda failing to see the link to shoes…

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