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11 meter high statue of a colossus for Sea Point promenade [pic]
Posted by on Mar 30th, 2012

Don’t be surprised if in several months time you see an 11 meter tall statue of a man at Graaff’s Pool on the Sea Point promenade.

It hasn’t been long since the little girl statues were removed from the promenade and already a new public art project has been proposed that will see a statue of a colossus crawling over the rocks along the Altantic Seaboard.

The colossus is the work of Camps Bay artist, Aren Damiani and is part of a project called The Four Corners of the Earth. He intends to place four statues around the world and has chosen Cape Town as the first location.

His idea is one of two public art submissions recieved by Councillor Beverley Schafer to improve the ‘eyesore’ of Graaffs pool. The other very depressing idea is for a statue of Ingrid Jonker in the water near the place where she committed suicide.

An environmental impact assessment has to be done first though before the proposal is open for public comment.

Will you want that along the Sea Point promenade?

[via Atlantic Sun]

88KoS says:
March 03, 2012 at 9:14 am

I think the Ingrid Jonker statue is a wonderful idea.

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