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This elephant playing with a smartphone is amazing… [video]
Posted by on Mar 28th, 2012

Ok so in the modern day digital world of viral videos and photoshop etc. it’s hard to tell whether videos are legit or just clever marketing campaigns, but i just watched this video of an elephant playing with a Galaxy smartphone and i don’t care if this is real or not…it’s awesome and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so that’s good by me.

Watch it…your world will be a better place after.

Now don’t tell me you didn’t smile watching that. If you didn’t then crawl back into that depressing cave of yours and go play with your cold witches tits.

Lot’s of debate on whether its genuine or not, but like i said earlier… i don’t care. Props to the folks who made it and thank you for making me smile.

Good times.

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