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New Turkish shampoo ad featuring Hitler sparks outrage [video]
Posted by on Mar 26th, 2012

A new ad for Biomen, a Turkish shampoo that features Adolf Hitler making a speech urging guys to buy the “100 % male shampoo” is unsurprisingly recieving large amounts of complaints from Jewish groups worldwide.

Really…how is it possible that people can sign-off on  dumb sh*t like this.

I’m shaking my head.

I can just imagine the brainstorming session that resulted in that ad being made….

Joe: hey guys what’s the best way to sell mens shampoo? Let’s not do the whole guy in the shower thing this time..let’s do something that will make everyone love the shampoo.

Schmoe: Oh i know…let’s use Adolf Hitler.

Joe: That’s a great idea ….coz he’s not controversial at all. Now pass me some more crack.

“It’s totally unacceptable to make use of Hitler, the most striking example of cruelty and savagery,” the Turkish Jewish Community said, blasting the 12-second ad that has been airing since last week.

The commercial for Biomen, a men’s shampoo, shows a gesticulating Hitler delivering an enthusiastic speech, urging male customers to buy the product that is “a 100 per cent male shampoo.”

“Jewish organisations in Turkey have asked the advertising agency to pull the commercial.” []

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