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Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight live in Rio De Janeiro [video]
Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2012

The Friday morning music post this week is not the normal old school rock classic that i normally post, but i thought i’d change things up a bit and play you a song that if i had to pick one song from all the songs in my mental playlist that is ‘my’ song…then it would be this one.

It’s the one song that if you had to ask my close friends which song they’d most likely play at my funeral then they’d say Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry. I even had a t-shirt with the lyrics ‘Save Tonight and Fight The Break of Dawn’ on it. Wore it till it literally fell apart.

Here’s Eagle Eye Cherry performing Save Tonight live in a small venue in Rio De Janeiro. It’s not the greatest version, but it’s rare to find anything of his live, especially this song.

All time legend that.

Fight the break of dawn.

Good times.

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