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Bet just R10 to win over R12 000 on Sportingbet SA this weekend in Super Rugby [pic]
Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2012

I’ll be honest with you…since i’ve started placing accumulator bets on Sportingbet SA i have won a grand total of sweet f**k all.

Two reasons for this i reckon..first is that the teams at the start of the Super Rugby competition have been as unpredictable as the weather in Cape Town. And secondly i’ve made some risky decisions in order to score a big pay day. Now this is the part where i attempt to explain my logic and it’s mosy likely flawed, but hear me out for a second. You see, an accumulator bet works like so. You pick the winning results of  multiple games and the odds are accumulated. The more games you add the higher the odds become. Let’s take this weekends Super Rugby games for example …7 games in total. If you pick all the favourites and bet R50 you’ll win around R1500, but throw in the Cheetahs to beat the Crusaders and suddenly you stand a chance to win over R17 000. Now it may seem like a long shot, but you can see what i’m going for here.

I’ve made several Sportingbet SA accumulators, but here’s the example i want you to see.  A mere R10 to win over R12 000.

Doesn’t that look like a decent bet to you? Every game there apart from the Cheetahs one looks solid. For just R10, that’s 1 hour parking in the city, you could be walking away with a R12k….if the Cheetahs can do some magic. And i wouldn’t put it past them hey. I’ve bet against them the last 3 times they played and they’ve proved me wrong. If they win and i score that payout i swear ill go out and buy a Cheetahs jersey and wear it at Newlands.

Don’t listen to me though. Go on over to Sportingbet SA, lay down your own bets and if you end up winning some cash then lemme know what you did differently.

And while we’re on the subject, check out this neat little infographic they made about the SA teams in the Super Rugby tournament.

Just click it for the entire’s pretty interesting stuff if you’re a rugby fan.

Now commmmmmmmoooonn Cheetahs you orange sex biscuits.

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