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Keg King invites you to drink the taps dry at the OPEN TAP event in Cape Town
Posted by on Mar 15th, 2012

The fine folks at Keg King who deliver draught beer to your doorstep and who behind the organising of  the successful Cape Town Beer Festival have decided that it’s time for another event to celebrate the golden liquid of deliciousness.

Come March 31st, you are invited to taste 10 of the best beers available in SA and then drink the taps dry at OPEN TAP.

Yep… drink Paulaner, Darling Brew, Camelthorn, Jack Black and more till the the last drop touches your lips.


And since we’re on the subject of beer i may as well show you this video i saw the other day. You think you can drink beer like a boss..sorry pal. You got nothing on this chap. Watch him open 3 beers and drink them in 37 seconds…without using his hands.


Good times.

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