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Casting Me…an SA made film starring Paul Snodgrass [trailer]
Posted by on Mar 12th, 2012

Besides writing stuff on Life is Savage,  i spend a large amount of time going to castings trying to land an acting role in a commercial or waiting for hours surrounded by tall foreign models to see a client. Most people see the finished product on tv or in a magazine, but not what the actor had to go through to get the part in the first place.

You’ll get a pretty good idea though in a new locally made film called Casting Me, starring Paul Snodgrass and Colin Moss. It’s basically about Paul, a frustrated but likeable casting director who has dreams of finally making his own feature film. To get his life on track again and win back his girlfriend he decides to make a film about his job, love life and all the funny things that happen behind the scenes at the casting agency.

Here’s the trailer. the way that started. And is that Ron Jeremy the porn star i saw in there?

Film was made in Cape Town for under $5000 and it has Snoddie in it so you are obligated to go and see it.

Casting Me  will be at the Cape Winelands Film Festival from 14th-24th March and Nu Metro at the Waterfront on the 16th and 20th. You can get tickets at CompuTicket HERE.

Good times.

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