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Blogger renders a $1 billion worth of TSA body scanners useless [video]
Posted by on Mar 9th, 2012

A blogger known as Jonathan Corbett (i think) has created a video which he says shows that the $1 billion TSA nude body scanner programme at airports is pretty much useless. His video demonstrates how anyone can get through the scanners carrying illegal and possibly dangerous items with little effort.

Check it.

On his website he says he believes the TSA has no choice, but to turn them off since they are so easy to get through. He quotes an Israeli security expert who also anylysed the scanners and proved them to be ineffective resulting in Israel not buying them.

I’m not entirely sure how valid his research is, but it seems legit no?

This from his website.

“This video is here to demonstrate that the TSA’s insistence that the nude body scanner program is effective and necessary is nothing but a fraud, just like their claims that the program is safe (radiation what?) and non-invasive (nude pictures who?). The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort. The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.” [source]

Mmmm..not so sure about your logic though buddy.

What happens if the TSA agents at the airport ask you to do a 360 turn?

Nice try though.

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