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If i shaved everyday i’d totally join the Dollar Shave Club just coz of this awesome ad [video]
Posted by on Mar 8th, 2012

I can’t remember the last time i shaved with a razor…i don’t unless they force me to do so on a television ad or some other schmodeling gig, but i know lots of you readers need to shave every morning for work and from what i’ve heard it’s a pain in the ass and on top of it razor blades cost an absolute fortune.

So it’s about time a company realised that men don’t need a vibrating razor with ultrasound farts and 27 blades to give you that extra close shave.

The chaps at Dollar Shave Club have decided enough is enough and will send high quality razor blades to your door..for just $1 dollar a month and they made an awesome ad that’s right up there with the Old Spice Guy and the Kenny Powers K-Swiss ads.

Check it.

And as expected the video has gone viral with over a million hits on YouTube in the last two days.

Not  bad way to start off the marketing of your new company hey.

Well done advertising peoples.

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