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Did surfers erect this official looking sign banning windsurfers and SUP from Elands Bay? [pic]
Posted by on Mar 7th, 2012

Clearly someone in Elands Bay is not happy with windsurfers, kite surfers and stand up paddlers hogging the waves at the prime surf spot…so much so that they’ve erected this fake sign.

Have you seen that movie the Bra Boys? Gang of Ozzie surfers who became notorious for being violent when protecting their home break…well the surfers in Elands Bay are nothing like that…they erect official looking hoax signs instead.

Nobody is pointing fingers at the surfers and bodyboarders (actually everyone is), but the sign is apparently a clear indication that all is not sunshine and roses in the Elands Bay surfing community.

“While it appeared legitimate, the sign was an elaborate hoax, as Piet Streicher confirmed on the Zigzag Facebook page after taking the issue up with the municipality. “There is no such Act as the National Parks, Beaches and Recreations Act, and also no Act 246 of 2008. The safety issue is a valid concern though” wrote Streicher, who is also a dedicated surfer and sailboarder. “ [ZigZag]

Hats off though to whoever made the sign…very sneaky.

Do you surf in Elands Bay? You know who did it?

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