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Bloomberg reveal the daily Billionaire Index…mind-blowing how much money they gain and lose in a day [pic]
Posted by on Mar 6th, 2012

It’s common knowledge that if you wanna know who the world’s weathiest people are, the you have to wait for Forbes to release their ranking…that’s supposed to be revealed tomorrow actually, but Bloomberg have stolen all their thunder by revealing their own list called the Bloomberg Billionaire Index which tracks the world’s richest people on a daily basis.

I don’t normally write about financial related stories here on Life is Savage, but regardless of your interest in economics it’s well worth noting how much the wealth of the super rich changes on a daily basis.

Just look at the daily changes…it is mind-blowing.

Yesterday…Bill Gates was $335 billion poorer while Warren Buffet increased his wealth by over half a billion dollars.

All in a single day.

The Bloomberg list also calculates the net worth of these rich folks differently to Forbes so have ranked Ikea founder Ingvar Kampard as the 4th richest person alive while he’s only ranked 162 on Forbes.

“Until now, the best way to keep tabs on the world’s wealthiest people was probably Forbes magazine’s yearly ranking of the world’s billionaires.

But for those among us who want a more real-time assessment of how the captains of industry are faring, Bloomberg has launched a new feature it has dubbed the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Each day at 5:30 p.m., the index will measure the net worth of the richest people on the planet, taking into account action in the stock market, economic indicators and news reports.  [Washington Post]

Wonder if Bill Gates was grumpy yesterday after he lost all that tom. I doubt he even noticed.

Still curious to see the Forbes list tomorrow though and see where our South African boychays rank hey. Will let you know tomorrow.

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