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Topless female protesters fail to stop Vladimir Putin from becoming Russian president [pics + video]
Posted by on Mar 5th, 2012

So over the weekend Vladimir Putin declared victory in the Russian presidential election and the normally stoic leader cried in public blah blah blah, more importantly, Ukranian protesters from the FEMEN group tried to disrupt his vote at a polling station….with their boobs.

Three FEMEN protesters disrupted proceeding when then the went topless at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where Putin cast his ballot.

Click for the NSFW pic plus more of the same.

And coz it’s Monday i may as well throw in some video of the action.

Female Malema supporters should take notes. Running around with your jubblies out gets attention.

The FEMEN activists were arrested and sentenced to 10 days. More HERE if you actually wanna read what happened, but that would be lame on your part hey.

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