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The entire Stellenbosch area is getting free Wi-Fi…500MB per day for everyone
Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2012

The entire Stellenbosch area in Cape Town is set to get free Wi-Fi internet access from as early as this Friday (24 February)…with residents getting 500MB of data to use per day. Free, gratis..don’t have to pay nada.

Welcome to the first world.

The University of Stellenbosch along with the city and instant message service MXit are planning to turn the area into a Wi-Fi town..the first in Africa.

That is seriously outstanding and gets a standing slow clap from me.

“The service will be offered free of charge to anyone, and no registration for the service will be needed.

Large downloads will be prohibited, but all other services (like web surfing, messaging and VoIP services) will be supported.

Stellenbosch councillor and head of the municipality’s finance portfolio, Pieter Venter, explained that the trial network will go live on Friday (24 February).

This trial Wi-Fi network will cover the town centre, and will run for two to three weeks before extending the network to the greater Stellenbosch area.

The next phase involves rolling out the network to all populated areas within the Stellenbosch municipality. Venter explained that the network will reach as far as Franschhoek and Pniel.” [MyBroadband]

That is magical sh*t right there.

Right…can we send the powers that be a message and sort out some free internet for Sea Point.

February 02, 2012 at 3:53 pm


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