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This lab grown beef burger will cost you…R2.7 million [wtf]
Posted by on Feb 20th, 2012

Make way for the most expensive burger in the world, because scientists have created a beef burger from a test tube…and it’s gonna set you back a hefty £220,000.

That’s roughly R2.7 million.

Looks like a chip of sh*t right there.

And for R2.7 million that burger better serenade me in a French accent and touch my sex.

“Lurking in a petri dish in a laboratory in the Netherlands is an unlikely contender for the future of food. The yellow-pink sliver the size of a corn plaster is the state-of-the-art in lab-grown meat, and a milestone on the path to the world’s first burger made from stem cells.

Dr Mark Post, head of physiology at Maastricht University, plans to unveil a complete burger – produced at a cost of more than £200,000 – this October.” [Guardian]

Would you eat a burger that’s not from an actual cow, but grown in a lab?

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