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Driver demerit system will go head on April 1st…rack up 12 points and your licence is suspended for 3 months
Posted by on Feb 14th, 2012

The AARTO driver demerit system will apparently be rolled out in South Africa on April 1st 2012 despite huge questions surrounding it’s implementation.

If you didn’t know..the driver demerit system is basically a points based fine system where all drivers will start off with zero points. Various traffic offences have a corresponding points value and once your points reach 12 your licence will be suspended for 3 months. Every point over 12 will get you a further 3 month suspension. So if you rack up 15 points your can say goodbye to driving for 9 months.

Driving without a proper licence will cost you 4 points while an unlicenced or unregistered vehicle will set you back 3 points. Exceeding the speed limit will get a single point added. Have no number plates on the front or back of the vehicle will cost you 6 points…sorry for all those rich okes with fancy cars and no front plates hey. You can check all the points values of offences HERE.

The controversial traffic system is facing reports that there has been insufficient training of traffic officers and that 60% of home addresses of motorists are incorrect. So your fine and demerits may be delivered to the incorrect address without you knowing. This along with the fact that companies may lose millions monitoring their drivers has been brought up in two pilot studies.

“The report was commissioned by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), which is responsible for the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act and the national Transport Department.

A member of the National Aarto Task Team has thrown his weight behind concerns for the roll-out of the plan.

Despite this, the national Transport Department is adamant the system will be rolled out countrywide from April 1.” [Cape Times]

What do you think?

Is the demerit system a good thing or not?

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