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Got some spare airtime? Vote for Daddy in COSMO’s Sexiest Men 2012 [pic]
Posted by on Jan 12th, 2012

With the widespread use of BBM and Whatsapp I know many of you hardly send smses anymore, but if you happen to have some spare airtime then feel free to throw an SMS (or five) my way and help daddy win South Africa’s Sexiest Man person for 2012 hey.

As you well know i’m rather media shy and instead of walking around basking in the glory of being crowned SA’s most sexified bloke i’m more likely to be embarrassed at all the attention so if you need a reason to vote then let it be that you want to see me squirm and be uncomfortable for an entire year. That and i’ll get loads more free sh*t to give away to you fine people.

And if you didn’t buy the January edition of Cosmopolitan then here’s yours truly as Mr September in the Cosmo Calendar which you can keep on your desk or wall ( or nightstand …yes Anley i know you put it there) all year.

Enjoy responsibly.

Lank easy to vote for moi.

Send an SMS to 35441 with no punctuation that says COSMO Sexy followed by DYLAN and then include your name and surname. So your sms should read.

COSMO Sexy Dylan your name and surname

I know it’s obvious, but for the plebs out there you need to put your own name and surname where it says that. And each sms will set you back a massive R1.50, but it will be money well spent i think. Free smses don’t apply unfortunately.

You have until Sunday to send as many smses as you want and they’ll name the winner on the 2 February when Cosmo will host an event at Movida in Jo’burg and you can get tickets HERE.

Thanks in advance you legends.

6000 says:
January 01, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Dare you to post this to the Feminists SA page.

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