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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 20/11/2011
Posted by on Nov 20th, 2011

Police officer John Pike did himself no favours by nonchalantly pepper spraying peaceful University of California students in the face…in front of dozens of onlookers/reporters with cameras. Here’s video. [Huffington Post]

Suspended SA police chiefs recieving full pay and benefits are costing the taxpayer  a fortune. Jackie Selebi, Robert McBride and Bheki Cele costing the public millions [iol]

A hospital in Florida is really sorry that a patient was accidently injected with a drug used in executing death row prisoners. Oops. [Gawker]

Riots and violence in Egypt as the military moves in to push back thousands of protestors at Tahir Square. [NY Times]

Jacob Zuma’s spokesman Mac Maharaj accused of receiving millions in bribes from French weapons maker. Dodgy.  [TimesLIVE]

Pakistan mobile phone operators block  text messages containing any of 1600 obscene terms… including ‘monkey crotch’. [News24]

PayPal no longer  exclusive to FNB and from today will you be able to use the service with any SA bank [imod]

Cape Town meat supplier, Orion Cold Storage ordered by High Court to NOT relabel non-halaal products as halaal. [Sunday Times]

Scientists invent lightest material on earth…hundred times lighter than styrofoam [LA Times]

Zimbabwean man alleges cricket commentator Peter Roebuck Roebuck leapt from his Cape Town hotel room window to avoid the shame of defending himself against sexual assault charges. []

Female teacher and her policeman boyfriend accused of using school computer to run pron websites. [RadarOnline]

November 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Cape Town meat supplier, Orion Cold Storage ordered by High Court to *NOT* relabel non-halaal products as halal.

One little word makes for a much less interesting article.

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