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They have a hipster reality show now in the UK..sigh [video]
Posted by on Nov 18th, 2011

True story this.

Dalston Superstars made it’s debut in the UK this week and is the first reality show about hipsters.

I can’t with this sh*t anymore…just watch before i murder some random skinny jeans.

Dalton Superstars is the brainchild of the legend folks at so i don’t know if i should applaud for taking the piss or shake my head in disappointment.

“The show, broadcast by, focuses on the lives of five youngsters from all different walks of life, who share the same desire to immerse themselves in Dalston’s social scene and all appear to be focused on expressing their creative sides. [DailyMail]

They have a model, a daddy’s boy (the son of the dude who created Malcom in The Middle) , a stylist DJ punk and a couple who blogs.


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