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31 Million Reasons: An SA film with cops, robbers and bunny chow… [trailer]
Posted by on Nov 8th, 2011

South African film making looks like it’s finally shaking that whole Oh Schucks It’s Schuster mentality and starting to produce some quality movies that don’t look like cheap ass 1960’s B-grade kak.

This year has already seen the release and success of several locally made films and 31 Million Reasons looks like it’s gonna continue the trend. It’s based on the true story that occured in 1997 when R31 million was stolen from a cash holding facility in Durban. Remember that?

Here’s the official trailer for 31 Million Reasons starring  Jack Devnarain, Meren Reddy, Neville Pillay and Trevor Gumbi.

Cops, robbers and bunny chow. Looks like a pretty decent heist movie hey. Filmed entirely in Durban, directed by John Barker and produced by the same guys who made Spud,  it’s scheduled for public release on 13th January 2012.

“Bollywood meets South Africa in a fictionalised heist film about corrupt cop Ronnie who has illusions of being above the criminal class, and who desperately wants to clean up his act. Ronnie is given the opportunity to go legit by a cash-in-transit guard… but only by orchestrating the biggest cash heist in South African history.”

If you watch it before i do then lemme know what it’s like hey.

Good times.

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