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Vote for Life is Savage in the SA Blog Awards 2011…and these other blogs
Posted by on Nov 4th, 2011

Ok so earlier in the week i told you that the public voting phase for the 2011 South African Blog Awards has opened, but i never really asked you to actually cast your vote.  Been doing some thinking over the last couple of days and strained my one good brain cell to think of some reasons why you fine folks should vote for Life is Savage.

I came up with the fact that if we win more people will send me awesome free sh*t to give away to you…true story, but not a defining reason why i should get your vote. I thought about how much the Savage family has grown over the last year and how many awesome people i’ve met. Winning would mean we get to welcome a whole  bunch of new people that could do with a smile and a group hug every now and then. It would also mean that our collective voice would get louder and in those rare moments when  i post serious stuff there would be the off chance that we will be heard.

I thought about lots of other things then i realised that i don’t really wanna give you a reason to vote for me. You know the drill already. If you like what you see then vote. If i make you laugh, angry, cry, give you a boner or make your front bum tingle..then vote. If not then that’s cool. No sweat off a ducks crack. I’ll still love you.

Bottom line..i need you more than you need me. Without you my writing would be meaningless. As long as you’re reading i’m happy and that’s really what Life is Savage is all about…. the good times.

Just click on that and it will take you to the  my SA Blog Awards page and enter your email address. Takes less than a minute. that i’ve got that out the way lemme throw some other blogs your way that have entered in the other categories. I’m not even sure if all of them have entered, but they are all well worth a read.

Now because of the limited categories this year..there are several blogs  iread daily, but i have no idea where they would fit. Namely best new blog…reckon that woulda gone to Another Damned Food Blog . They left out the overseas SA blog which would been won hands down by Pharside in the UK. Also missing is the Media and Marketing category in which i woulda voted for Between 10 and 5, Cherry Flava or AdsMicthell.

All worthy blogs.

Now go vote for Daddy…it will take you less time than it did to read this long ass post.

 Much love.

*disclaimer: if for some reason i had a brain fart and  failed to mention your blog please feel free to shout at me in public.

Clare says:
November 11, 2011 at 3:58 pm

OY! You can vote for us as best environmental blog. We won’t mind at all if you do.

I thank you.

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