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Deadmau5 : ‘Strobe’ live at Space in Ibiza [HD video]
Posted by on Sep 30th, 2011

Ok so the other day i lost some serious street cred when i said that i had no idea who deadmau5 was after hearing they are coming to South Africa in December. So i went digging into the interwebs to broaden my Friday morning musical horizons and found this.

Deadmau5 performing Strobe live in Ibiza.

Hand out some pills at your office, put the sound up and press play for some quality uns uns music to start your day off proper.


I’d love to give you a decent opinion, but unfortunately my sad ass vocab lacks the lingo to do this song justice so i’m just gonna copy/paste some other dudes review.

‘Strobe’ begins it’s journey with a wonderfully lush 4 minute instrumental intro made up of some slow and deep piano chords, some high bell type pads creating a calm and serene atmosphere, an electro synth hums over in a vibrato state, some strings and even some tambourines can be heard.
A smooth curved synth melody fades in and gradually speeds up from a 1/8th note to a 1/16th note timing before a classic build up of adding the kick, then the bass drum, then the bass line, then the percussions. The curved synth melody is accompanied by a saw line synth melody and all the drum and percussion layers are faded away, leaving just the curve and saw synth melodies to organically build and mesh together in a fantastically chunky, crisp analog synthesizer sound”. []

What he said.

Am i cool again now?

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