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Survivor creator reveals plans for first social tv network
Posted by on Sep 29th, 2011

Still waiting for your 15 minutes in the spotlight…well your chance might be coming soon my little fame slapper.

Mark Burnett, creator of hit reality television shows Survivor, The Apprentice and The Contender has unveiled plans for YouToo TV…the first ever social media tv network. 500 random people will  be given air time everyday on the network which will be broadcast to 15 million viewers.

Given his success with his previous endeavours i reckon Burnett may be onto something here.

“500 people will appear on TV each day through “Fame Spots,” giving them their “15 minutes of fame” through a 15-second video. This network will be broadcast to 15 million people through Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and Brighthouse. Viewers can send their videos from an Apple or Android smartphone, computer, or tablet, offering many platforms for this business to blossom and succeed. People will get to see their videos within minutes of sending them to the channel. Following a screening process in which YouToo employees check to make sure there is no inappropriate or copyrighted content, the video is sent to be broadcast to millions of people.  ” [YoungHollywood]

So basically it’s like YouTube except for television right? You make a video send it to them and they broadcast it…provided you don’t swear, show your wanger or front bum (that pretty much excludes me then hey).

You think it will work?

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