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The real reason Tevez didn’t wanna play last night [video]
Posted by on Sep 28th, 2011

So last night Carlos Tevez refused to take the pitch as a substitute for Manchester City prompting manager, Roberto Mancini to say in the post match interview “If I have my way he will be out of the club.”

Tevez did not give an explanation why he didn’t wanna take the field, but i watched the footage and have found the reason. At the 4 second mark a guy in a suit whispers something to Tevez and from his reaction it’s clear..the guy said “Hey Ugly Betty you’re up“.

And then according to my supreme lip reading skills, at the 9 second mark Mancini can be seen pointing at Tevez calling him “a lazy troll”.

I’ve said it before that Tevez is highly sensitive about his looks and it looks like this was the final straw.

“Roberto Mancini claims that Carlos Tevez is finished at Manchester City if he has his way after the striker refused to go onto the pitch in the UEFA Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich.

The Italian admitted in his post-match interviews that the Argentine striker ‘let his side down’ after his refusal to come on as a substitute. [Sky Sports]


They should just offer him an extreme makeover..problem solved.

[thanks Brent, Martin, Geoff, Martin and everyone else who sent the link]

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