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Dad of the Week award goes to this guy… [video]
Posted by on Sep 27th, 2011

The internet has been waiting patiently to heap praise and awesomeness on any baseball fan who manages to catch a foul ball in one hand while holding a baby in the other, but unfortunately for this Chinese spectator he will not have the glory.

Instead he gets the Dad Of The Week award for attempting to catch a foul ball and dropping his daughter in the process.

Have a look at our boychay get some serious dagger eyes from his wife after sending his kid over the seats.

Hahaha! Love how he tries to explain to his wife what happened using hand movements and everything.

So close to being a legend now he will forever be know as the spaz who dropped his kid.

September 09, 2011 at 9:50 am

he saved his kid’s life!

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