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Black SA rugby journalist detained in NZ tells his side of the story
Posted by on Sep 27th, 2011

Vata Ngobeni, the South African rugby journalist detained in New Zealand for being a suspected drug dealer has said he’s “an unlucky black man at the Rugby World Cup”.

Officials in the the town of Taupo have been doing some serious damage control after fellow journalists have thrown about the racist card. Ngobeni was reportedly the only black person in the bar at the time.

Police have released a statement saying that since Taupo is the ‘adventure capital of New Zealand” they just wanted to get his blood pumping. Ok so i may have spiced that up a tad, those those dumbasses didn’t really say that.

Ngobeni wrote an article in the New Zealand Herald earlier this morning and told his side of the story.

“A colleague of mine joked that “you’d be lucky to find a black man in Taupo and unlucky to be a black man in this place”.

That was said in jest but little did I know on Saturday evening as we went out to check out the night life of this quiet resort town that I would be that unlucky black man.”

He went on to say:

“Prior to this unsavoury episode I was really enjoying Taupo and New Zealand and besides the weather I even dabbled with the idea of trying to convince my wife to one day come and see Taupo for herself on one of our many planned vacations abroad.

After this, not a chance.”

Go read his entire article HERE.

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