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Two awesome photographs of Table Mountain [pics]
Posted by on Sep 26th, 2011

I’ve been back in Cape Town for just over a week now and besides lying on Camps Bay in near 30 degree weather yesterday it’s pics like this that make me happy and proud to be home.

Can never get tired of seeing this.


Quality that.

Click for the larger image taken recently by my photographer mate Craig Kolesky and go check out his website HERE.  He takes outstanding pics for the likes of Red Bull and Oakley.

Another mate of mine from Jo’burg was in town and snapped this equally magical pic of our mountain on National Braai Day.

Click for the hi-res version.

Always a pleasure when someone from up north comes here and appreciates the good times. Dale also happens to run an awesome blog so do yourself a favour and go visit

Nicely done chaps.

[via @idale and @CraigKolesky ]


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