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Poephol of the Week: fan attempts ‘127 Hours’ hike..gets trapped for 96 hours
Posted by on Sep 26th, 2011

Poephol of the Week award goes to 64 year old, Amos Wayne Richards who was so inspired by the James Franco movie 127 Hours that he attemted to retrace his steps….only to fall in the same canyon and shatter his leg and dislocate his shoulder. He had to endure 96 hours before rescuers located him.

And just like the movie, Richards didn’t bother telling anyone he was going on the solo hike.

“Richards headed out to Canyonlands to retrace the steps of Aron Ralston, whose harrowing journey through Little Blue John Canyon was the one told in 127 Hours. Well, things didn’t turn out so well for Richards, either. On that September 8th trek, Richards took a ten-foot plunge not far from where Ralston found himself trapped beneath a boulder. The fall broke Richards’ leg and dislocated his shoulder.” [Gawker]

Wonder if he really stuck to the movie and touched himself in his happy place while he was waiting to be rescued. I crossed the line there didn’t i?

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