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Event organiser wins Ms Fitness SA competition..outrages other models [pic]
Posted by on Sep 26th, 2011

Fitness models have got their fake-tan-stained panties in bunch  because at the recent Mr and Ms Fitness SA pageant, event organiser Bernadette Beyer won a category. Allegations that the competition was ‘rigged’ were also thrown about after another category was won by a model who’s boyfriend was a judge.


She’s the one on the left just so we’re clear.

“In furious letters about “blatant” conflicts of interest, contestants alleged that:

  • Event organiser Bernadette Beyer won a category in her own show;
  • Beyer’s friend and fellow show committee member, Riaan Heinse, won two categories, despite coming stone last out of 74 contestants at last year’s event in Las Vegas;
  • One of the judges, Duncan Lewis-Monto, is involved in a relationship with Lee McQueen, who won the over-45 fitness category; and
  • One of the event superstars, magazine cover model Nastassia Jaffa, was placed only third in the bikini section, owing to a personal grudge against her.” [TimesLIVE]

Ya..that does seems rather dodgy hey.

September 09, 2011 at 10:55 am

Dodge indeed. Could she get her knickers any higher?

Cena1945 says:
September 09, 2011 at 10:55 am

I truly believe that Natassia Jaffa is the face and body for the future. It is simply stupid to let these corrupt individuals get away with robbing us of the neat South African, World Superstar. I hope that Miss Jaffa is able to attend the Las Vegas event,participate and secure a top 3 position.

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