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282 white crosses spotted on Sea Point promenade for World Rhino Day [pic]
Posted by on Sep 22nd, 2011

Today is World Rhino Day and this year in South Africa 282 Rhino’s have been killed. That’s a disgrace people.

Got sent this pic from someone walking on the Sea Point promenade this morning.

That just gave me the sads.

“Rhino poaching has reached alarming proportions in southern Africa, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is calling for an end to the crisis on World Rhino Day, September 22nd. Officials in South Africa, home to the majority of the world’s rhinos, have responded to the recent poaching crisis by increasing protection, conducting more rigorous prosecutions, and imposing stricter sentences on wildlife criminals. Many Asian countries, where consumer demand for rhino horn is fueling the crisis, have still not done enough to address the problem, says WWF.

South Africa has lost more than 287 rhinos in 2011, including 16 critically endangered black rhinos.” [PRweb]

This is unacceptable.

[thanks MC]

September 09, 2011 at 8:53 am

Well done, what a crying shame that greed has once again overtaken posterity.

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