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No money for a boob job…no worries, just slap them hard!! [wtf video]
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2011

Totally gonna try this with my wanger.

A woman in Thailand is offering a government endorsed alternative to surgical breast enlargement….by slapping them.

Khemmikka Na Songkhla has been doing non-invasive breast augmentation for 20 years and after a 6 month study by the Thai Health Ministry it was found that the slapping technique increases cup size by as much as 4 inches.

She’ll also slap your face and ass to firm things up a bit.

“word is spreading overseas of a beauty shop in Bangkok that offers non-surgical “body-slapping” treatments to improve the female figure.

A riveting Bangkok Post video takes a look at the shop that provides these treatments, which is owned by Khemmikka Na Songkhla — aka Khunying Tobnom — who has been practising the techniques for two decades.

The procedures include slapping a women’s breasts to make them larger, as well as buttock- and face-slapping to firm things up. According to media reports, the Thai Health Ministry carried out a six-month study on the procedure and determined the slapping technique to be legit. [CNN]

And guess what she charges?

$260 000.

Pfffttt…anyone considering this treatment please note that i will gladly slap a tit for R260 (per boob though..dont be cheap).

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