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It’s Spring people..dress appropriately like this chap [pic]
Posted by on Sep 1st, 2011

Ahhh spring…that time of year in SA when leaves start appearing on trees and flowers start blooming and people start wearing Crocs and dusting off those muffin tops. Sigh.

It’s the first of September today which means folks in the southern hemisphere have declared it’s officially spring.. when the actual equinox is on the 22nd/23rd of the month. But let’s not dwell on the minor details hey…rather make like this guy spotted in Parow (not really, but lets pretend shall we) and welcome spring by dressing appropriately.

“Fu*k you winter…look at me i’m a spring chicken”

 Outstanding.’s what the weather forecast for the first 10 days of “spring” in Cape Town looks like.

Mmmmm…not very springy hey.

Guess i’m gonna have to bring the sun with me when i return.

[shout out to Rob Lance for the pic]

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