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SA owned Wimpy restaurant attacked in London riots! [pic]
Posted by on Aug 10th, 2011

The London riots have been dominating news headlines over the last four days and now it has a local connection after a South African owned WIMPY was looted.

Oh the humanity! Sh*t just got serious. [insert copius amounts of sarcasm here]


“A South African-owned Wimpy in Clapham Junction in London was badly damaged when looters attacked the restaurant last night. “It’s like a war there,” South African owner Odile Ham told City Press.

Her son, Michael, added: “The whole area looked like a tornado went through there.” [news24]

Lank easy to find the culprits..they should just check the hospital for anyone with the squirts.

I was gonna post a video of them looting the shop, but its crap and not worth it. Instead i’m gonna throw in this WIMPY commercial.

I love it when you talk foreign’

Ha..good times.

August 08, 2011 at 7:01 am

I have it under good authority that the looting of the Wimpy is completely unrelated to the rest of the London riots. Word has it that they couldn’t take the Wimpy Cheerleaders TV ad anymore, so they wanted to send a message. “Hey Wimpy! What up? Your adverts are kak!”

*sarcasm was employed in the production of this comment*

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