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Nic Cage’s son gets stabbed by new SA wife with a bottle..issues Facebook divorce [pic]
Posted by on Jul 7th, 2011

Remember a couple of months of months back i told you that Nikki Williams, a girl from Port Elizabeth, married the son of actor Nicolas Cage…well the other day they both got arrested after a domestic where she stabbed him with a bottle.

Aweh ma se kind.

And he did what any run of the mill nutjob would do..he went onto Facebook and asked his fans whether he should divorce her or not.


I went to check out his Facebook profile and i need to read some of the stuff dude is posting.

Keep in mind they both have recent drug abuse issues…ie. this is what i imagine to be a good example of the diary of a tik-kop.


I left out a bunch of in-between ranting at fans where he posts his cell number and what not, but otherwise he seems like a level headed chap…for a Valkenberg patient.

Go read the rest of his Facebook ranting HERE.

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