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SA taxi industry launching low-cost airline..the rules!
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2011


The South African National Taxi Council announced that it is launching a low cost airline called the Santaco Express on  September 16.

I know every single person in Cape Town right now is picturing a plane with a dude with no-front teeth hanging out the window shouting “Jo’buuuuuuuuuurg…Kep Town”.


For real.

“Santaco Express would initially operate one or two flights a day between Lanseria in Gauteng to Bhisho in the Eastern Cape, and then on to the Cape Town International Airport.

It would be operated by Air Aquarius, which works with SA Express and SA Airlink. Air Aquarius would supply 100-seater aircraft, crew and the necessary aviation licences.

Santaco president AJ Mthembu said the aviation model would work as commuters would be taken from the taxi rank to the airport, then transported to a taxi rank at their destination.” [News24]

Here are the rules:

  • There will be no pre-booking tickets. Everyone must rock up at the airport and wait in line till the guard says get in. Pushing is allowed.
  • He will also tell you where to sit.
  • Fill up from the back please. 4 in a row and one on a makeshift crate if neccessary.
  • Get your airfare ready and pass it forward. Just tap the person in front of you.
  • They won’t accept R100/R200 notes on morning flights since there is no change.
  • In-flight instructions- do not lean head against window since hair gel is oily.
  • Music will either be gospel or hip hop.
  • The pilot may stop anyway along the route to randomly talk to other pilots.
  • Make sure to shout your destination well in advance since pilots won’t go back.

Ok so i made those rules up, but the rest of the story is true i swear!

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