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SA scientist thinks Shakespeare smoked weed..wants body dug up
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2011

To puff or not to puff..that is the question.

A South African anthropologist has requested that the body of William Shakespeare be dug up to find out if the famous bard smoked weed while composing his plays and poems.


And no the dude is a real scientist..not a casual pothead just making sh*t up.

“A South African anthropologist has asked permission to open the graves of William Shakespeare and his family to determine, among other things, what killed the Bard and whether his poems and plays may have been composed under the influence of marijuana.

But while Shakespeare’s skeleton could reveal clues about his health and death, the question of the man’s drug use depends on the presence of hair, fingernails or toenails in the grave, said Francis Thackeray, the director of the Institute for Human Evolution at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, who floated the proposal to the Church of England.” [Livescience]

Not that far fetched actually. And i reckon most folks wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Dude wrote some outlandish words.

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