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US woman assaults police officer by squirting breast milk
Posted by on Jun 28th, 2011

Ya..its after midnight in Canada and i was about to go sleep when this magical story about living the American dream graced my eyeballs.

Toni Tramel from Kentucky has been charged with third degree assault  for whipping out her tittyball and squirting breast milk into the face of a police officer.

Assault with a deadly breast.


That is glorious.

“Daviess County sheriff’s deputies said that Ms Tramel, 31, was arrested on a misdemeanour count of public intoxication but later in custody allegedly sprayed a stream of breast milk into the face of a female deputy.

The sheriff’s office said that the deputy went through a “biohazard” decontamination process after the incident and that Ms Tramel was subsequently booked on an additional charge of third degree assault on a police officer, a felony.” [more at the Telegraph]

I wonder if she made sound effects while she was was squirting.

Pew pew pew….

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