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Your Weekend Instructions #29 [pic]
Posted by on Jun 24th, 2011

Damn..your weekend instructions are a little later than usual today, but it’s Friday never-the-less and if you played your cards right you should already be tipsy.

Normally i’d give you some weekend instructions that spread joy and happiness, but i’m feeling a little naughty today *pass me another whiskey* so we are gonna go the Fight Club route for a change.

And since i posted something earlier about that retarded trend in Japan HERE, i thought we may as well stick to picking on subcultures.

So your weekend instructions are to find a hipster (not hard in Cape Town) and make like so.


Have a great weekend folks.

Daddy loves you.

PS..disclaimer: if you really go out and do that, don’t blame me if a hipster beats the crap out of you. But film it anyways.

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