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Cool or dumb idea of the day?…The breathalyzer watch
Posted by on Jun 23rd, 2011

Ok at first when i saw this concept watch by Tokyoflash Design Studio i thought hey..that’s a pretty nifty idea incorporating a built-in breathalyzer that will read your blood alcohol level right there at the bar.


It will definately come in handy for the those who are responsible enough to not drink and drive.

But then i thought of my mates and the idea doesn’t seem so good once you realise that the first oke who wears this watch to Caprice is gonna play referee while all his drunk bastard friends see who can rack up the highest score. It will inevitably turn into a pissing contest to see who can drink the most and have the lowest alcohol level.

And all guys have that one friend who can’t handle his booze, but flat out denies it. You know..the guy that has 3 beers and is on his tits. Well this device will prove once and for all who the light weights are.

Not only will the watch give a numerical reading, but it will also colour code them from green to red for those of you who are too pissed to realise where the decimal point is.

The company even made a video..and i’m pretty sure whoever created it was drunk because its by far the most retarded demonstration video i’ve seen in while.

Come now..don’t be silly. How can you blow into the watch if you’re unconscious.

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