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7 yr old SA boy’s vision restored after being hit by taxi
Posted by on Jun 22nd, 2011

Feel good story of the day comes from Potchefstroom where 7 year old Gerhard Van Der Merwe, who could hardly see out of one eye, was hit by a taxi causing his vision to be completely restored.

Who said taxi’s were good for nothing hey.


He had been wearing glasses since he was nine months old and after the accident an eye specialist confirmed his vision had returned to normal.

gerhardvandermerwe’d be just as chuffed as that kid if you got flung 12 meters in the air after being hit by a taxi and the only damage you recieve is restored eyesight.

“Gerhard van der Merwe, aged 7 years, had very limited sight in his right eye until he was hit by a taxi in front of his parents’ house in Potchefstroom about two weeks ago.

Now he can see everything.” [sowetanlive]

Good times.

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