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Live tv and streaming of a 134 hour boat cruise down fjord in Norway
Posted by on Jun 21st, 2011

Ok so boats are not my thing, but i was pretty impressed by this story which takes virtual tourism to the next level.

A 134 hour boat cruise down a fjord in Norway was broadcast live on television …minute by minute and half the population (2.5 million) tuned in to watch setting a new ratings record. The event is also being streamed live online.


The cruise is one of the most spectacular in the world and i went to check the live streaming  online HERE, but the boat is currently docked and all you see is a tiny village. You can rewind the footage though and see the voyage from the beginning.

Pretty nifty idea hey. I’d watch a live streaming event of a trip around the Cape peninsula with stops along the way.

Somebody in Cape Town should get on it.

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