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Have LulzSec hackers aquired the entire 2011 UK Census
Posted by on Jun 21st, 2011 if you’re like me then you may have heard the name LulzSec being thrown around the media lately, but may not be entirely sure what or who they are.

LulzSec are a computer hacker group responsible for several high profile cyberattacks such as the recently compromised Sony user accounts. They have also claimed resposibility for hacking into the CIA website and now unconfirmed reports are circulating that they have obtained the entire 2011 UK Census.


This from thenextweb site:

UPDATE: A suspected LulzSec member has been arrested in the UK. More information.

Further updates to this story at foot of post:

As yet, the validity of this claim is unclear, but if true, this is incredibly significant. According to a document posted to Pastebin, hacking group LulzSec has claimed that it has been able to steal what could amount to millions of records from the UK 2011 Census, with a public release coming soon.

The group notes that it has “blissfully obtained records of every single citizen who gave their records to the security-illiterate UK government for the 2011 census”. [thenextweb]

I don’t know much about hacking, but it seems like they have the interwebs by the balls right now. LulzSec have grabbed media attention not only for the high profile attacks ,but also for their sense of humour. Here’s what their website says:



UPDATE: the LulzSec twitter account has denied that they have hacked the 2011 UK census HERE.

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